Turning Academic Research Into Public Engagement

In the eyes of the public, academic research is not innovative or engaging, nor does it create an impact on society. One renowned 2007 study claimed that 50 percent of academic papers are read only by their authors and journal editors, and 90 percent are never cited, which signifies that no one finds them useful. How can we translate faculty’s research into information that’s relevant and valuable to the public discourse? During my tenure as Dean of JIBS in Sweden, our answer was to create a new blogging platform called Vertikals.

I led the project and championed it across the university. Emil Danielsson, who was experienced in entrepreneurship, business development, and media promotion, serves as the school’s marketing and PR agent; as a former “placebranding” consultant for the city of Jönköping, he also was familiar with the role that JIBS and the university play in our city. Finally, Charlotta Mellander, a professor of economics at JIBS and a visiting faculty member at the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, was one of our first and most prolific early bloggers— and, as it turned out, the force behind our first viral post.

Read the full article by the three of us in AACSB BizEd magazine May/June issue 2016:


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