The Adjacent Possible in Humanistic Thinking


In view of the awe-inspiring advances in science and technology the humanities need to rejuvenate itself to drive new insight and meaning into our human existence and contribution to the world. The metaphor of “adjacent possible” can be used to describe how societal transformation occur as incremental steps into new rooms that slowly lead us from our current trajectory into an adjacent one where new possibilities await. If humanists took the notion of adjacent possible into their thinking, a vast new neural network of thought exchanges, one combining with another, and another, will emerge. The result is likely to spark new energy and life into humanistic thinking and, hopefully, answers to big questions about the future of our shared civilization and planet.

Full story in my 12 November article “The Adjacent Possible in Humanistic Thinking” at, JIBS’ blog on entrepreneurship, renewal and ownership.

Bringing Business Schools into the STEM Era


Gone are the days when an MBA generalist with a strong marketing education could fathom the potential of new businesses creating products and services to utilise STEM advances. Today’s managers need a solid business background but also the knowledge of the innovative potential deriving from their company’s progress in STEM fields…   … be aware of recent advancements in multiple fields, ranging from genome coding via nano-enabled engineering to the explosive (and controversial) developments in artificial intelligence. In addition, considering that all of these subjects are moving at breathtaking speed, with the borders between them becoming hazier, we are already behind in preparing business students for the jobs that will exist in the future.

Full story in my September 2015 article “Bringing Business Schools into the STEM Era” in Global Focus, EFMD’s Busines Magazine. 2015, 3(3).