On Moore’s law

The chasm between how the STEM field flourishes and our progress as humans is shocking and sad, is one of the claims I make in the blog Extending Moore’s Law to Claiming Our Humanity. Another is that we can learn a lot from the advances in STEM, because they teach us lessons about our humanity.

This 8 June 2015 blog  is but one of the contributions from public intellectuals to fuel the debate before, during and after the 7th Global Drucker Forum in Wien 5-6 November 2015. As a member of the steering committee I have the privilege to be be part of the discussion about what theme makes most sense given current circumstances in the world.

Over the last year the exponential developments in our knowledge about the genome, neuron and atom as well as equally staggering advances in artificial intelligence, and famous peoples’ warnings about it, have taken much space in the media and popular culture. What used to be confined to the domain of fantasy and science fiction is becoming creativity and ordinary science.

Almost 1/2 Century ago the renowned Peter Drucker said that the major questions about technology are not technical but human questions, and that is the theme of this years Drucker Forum: Claiming Our Humanity – Managing in the Digital Age.

In my blog I am using the famous “Moore’s law” from IT to wish for equal advanced in the Humanities: Just imagine if our capacities to be open-minded and free from dogma, preconception, conscious of our opinions and judgments, reflective of our actions and aware of our place in the social and natural worlds would double every 18 months.

Full story in my 8 June 2015 article “Extending Moore’s Law to Claiming Our Humanity,” at Drucker Society Europe.

Your views?

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